She says "that I've been waiting for you"
And I know you've been chasing me too since they kidnapped me from a castle
I been thinking of you
I told her "fire breathing dragon he bet not harm me" or he be sorry when he meets my one man army
And thou has come to rescue me
My knight in shining armor yes you be
Woken up by the horn of an SUV
I said "see, too beautiful to let you sleep"


almost forgot about the worlds most stoked dogs




totem toddlers!
Im so far ahead of my time.
Im about to start another life.
Look behind you, im about to pass you twice.
We are at the gates.

We are at the gates and we are coming for you.

We are coming to set the wrong things right.

We are coming to destroy your policies.

We are coming to destroy your calendars.

We are coming to destroy your tyranny and we are going to replace it with a democracy of ideas.

We are here for your assignments, expense reports and time sheets and we are going to start a fire so big and so bright, the sky itself will gasp.

We are coming. For you.


My Boys, My Trainyard.

night light

gpk represent

Ill follow you until you love me. Ooo Lala.


sage leperrier

It’s a good city, San Francisco. The eternal summer keeps everyday warm, and every night hot. It is the perfect place for a 35 year old to re-vamp their life. After all, the streets don’t ever fall asleep because they’re always too busy falling down the hills that the city is famous for.  Not to mention the lights. Oh the lights! It’s the lights that make you fall in love with this beautiful city. Too bad it’s all a charade. Bullshit, all of it. Everyone here is an idiot, blinded by the beautiful lights; they all tumble down the hills and fall flat of their fat stupid faces. The worst part is that they don’t even realize how they are wasting their lives. Those clubs, those damned clubs that pull people in with the promise of sex and affection then keep them there by drowning them in drugs and liquor. Well I know better. I’ve always known better than this town, than this species, than this world.