elusive nudist

i wish i could post the nude ones 


Nature Brainz after Drugs

hahaha, remember that commercial?


so fresh, so clean

its going to be a little while until my photoshop is up and running.
So i have no choice but to use gimp for a bit.
Dont expect too much.


this whole game we call hip hop
made of players, watch the beat drop.
show your the best, even if your not.
you know you love it,
because its so self indulgent.
I'll preach my story,
with soul that isnt comparable to your black hole,
got the strategies of language,
in case you forgot.



MC Escher

revolutionized it all.
a beautiful balance of art and math.
like the music of bach,
the well rounded is always
the most loved

the twentieth century had no clue what hit it