sage leperrier, ill never let you go!

Haha, oh the smile, oh the laugh. Oh the clear sky on a french night. How it manages to trick the soul and draw in the beast! The hope of making your reality the utopia it should be. At least the error of my ways has guided me so far away from home that I have no choice but to exit the world, the only world I thought could possibly exist. Well, I've learned, I've become all that I should have always been. Im sorry urchins,
my ways were cruel. But not a day goes by that do I not reminisce about that faithful day were I was proved human. Just like my urchins, my friends. Oh how I miss you urchins. How I miss the world I created and found so comfortable. I wonder if the heat will ever come back? I guess time will only tell.
Maybe Ill finally go to New York, maybe not.
But Im no longer alone urchins! Oh no, no more!

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